I bought a 2001 CDX Vectra duel fuel

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I bought a 2001 CDX Vectra duel fuel

#1 Post by gasgeezer » Wed Feb 17, 2010 10:09 pm

Duel fuel from new.
Its old is cheap it has a 2.0Ltr engine air con, alloys, CD changer, electric mirrors, heated seats, sun roof etc. Road tax £185 does 240 miles to the tank full 40 ltrs (60ltr capacity). Good car I love it! I will change the front grill put some eyelids on it and do some minor things to make it look a bit more modern. It saves me money and I can do basic maintenance, I had a garage change the water pump, air con belt, oil change and install a timing belt kit 15K ago for a good price. I do about 10K per year and have cheap motoring. The engine has done over 150K now but most of that has been on gas so the wear is a lot less.

I bought this supposedly not running on LPG from e-bay turned out the guy didn’t use it much and just ran it on petrol he only did 1k a year. It had all the service history and had a revision kit done on the vaporiser (I forget when but plenty of miles left on this), this didn’t cure the bad running on gas so the first owner sold it. It changed hands twice after that until I bought it off the last owner having done very little between owners. I filled it up on gas and drove it back from Liverpool to Kent. It stuttered a bit and had bad tick-over from cold when running on gas but fine on petrol. I disconnected the gas inlet hose and squirted half a can of carb cleaner in the hose and half a can of WD 40 also cleaned the inline filter. Reconnected the hose let it warm up on petrol and switched to gas the carb cleaner and oil flushed out the distributer without dismantling. I now do this once every six months to clean the gas system and have no problems with it. Thanks to the Vauxhall owners club for that tip I have had trouble free motoring. No problems with dogy mechanics and a cheap source of spares. I dont have to get the system inspected once a year as far as I know as it was factory fitted. Its also eligabe for the power register. I dont mind spending a bit of money on parts and tires etc for it very year because of the money I save(':D')

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