Review of my first 100k miles on LPG

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Review of my first 100k miles on LPG

#1 Post by agostino » Mon Jul 23, 2018 5:49 pm

So the car has reached 130k miles a couple of days ago. I bought it when it had 30k miles and converted to LPG almost immediately with King ECU, MagicJet and OVML Evap.
Its a Peugeot 207 with the infamous Prince 1.6 engine (the vti model).
In all these years I had only two failures: the evaporator coil cracking and the ecu map going bad.
I fixed myself the evaporator coil while Simon had a look at the map..
I did change the plungers in the injectors a few thousand miles ago with a refurb kit that I got online, not sure they did really need changing as the oring seal was still good, I did put a veil of silicon grease from time to time tho.
So far, the car has been unstoppable.
Sure, it burns oil, the prince engine is famous for that, it drinks around a liter every 3k miles from day 0.
I changed the PCV valve when it went bad (and it started to drink one liter every 200miles) and that fixed the issue (had to source the part from Russia as it is not sold in UK or Europe, they wanna sell you a new car!)
Sparks done only once at 50k miles (when I put on Iridium plugs and they are still like new), few brake rotors and pads, quite a few tyres, one thermostat and the chain tensioner (mechanic said the chain hasn't stretched one mm so its good to keep).
The engine still good with compression showing exactly what haynes manual says it should.
After seeing countless TD on the curb with the bonnet open I am not planning to change any time soon (funds is also an issue), the car is now 11 years old and still going strong with not one dot of rust.
Kinda dreading the time when I have to replace it and will find only DI available, with a supercomputer as ECU and sensors to check the position of the sun...

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Re: Review of my first 100k miles on LPG

#2 Post by LPGC » Wed Aug 01, 2018 11:14 pm

Nice one Agostino, I just noticed this as will have been on holiday when you posted.
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