Lpg injector noise

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Lpg injector noise

#1 Post by Ibby » Sat Apr 23, 2016 11:59 am


I have HANA injectors that havr done arpund 1000 hours of use / 30,000 miles.

I have started to notice when on lpg, i can hear the injector noise, tapptey tapptey noise inside the car.
Used to have a little noise.. but its defo go louder

I switch to petrol and noise goes away.

No real problems, do i replace or keep gping.?

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Re: Lpg injector noise

#2 Post by LPGC » Sat Apr 23, 2016 6:42 pm

Injectors can get louder when they're getting worn out but if you're not having any drive-ability problems then maybe they're not worn out.

Injectors can suddenly seem to get louder if any aspect of their mounting, feed pipes, or connecting wiring is changed... Suppose they were previously fitted on rubber mounts but are now rattling against the engine, or feed pipes are now touching the engine only an inch from injectors.. Things they're touching can act as a sound board, making the injectors sound louder when the injectors themselves are really no louder than they were.

I just read your other threads.. Did you bring this car to me the other day to have a look at regards a problem which seems electrical? Would be more of a coincidence if not than if so! Converted by Tubbs? The rest of this paragraph assumes it was you, if it wasn't you no point in reading on! All the injectors were flowing similarly (tested by switching individual cylinders back to petrol, looking for any that affect fuelling more than others), all injectors made a similar noise (tested in a similar manner to flow test, and tested again almost by default... because with all cylinders switched to LPG if any injector is much louder than others it can stand out similarly to the way in which a single particularly noisy tappet stands out). A worn injector wouldn't affect the injector coil, so couldn't cause an electrical problem. Twice when I moved the LPG system loom where it enters the LPG ECU, the engine cut out.. During the owner's 10mins visit we both thought it a good idea to let the fault develop rather than have me delve much further into wiring, such as removing the main ECU connector cover..

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