Fitting an lpg system from one car to another ?

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Re: Fitting an lpg system from one car to another ?

#21 Post by LPGC » Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:15 pm

Tubbs wrote:you, probarbly like me. Only really get on with it when your quiet. When busy. You're busy. Don't have time for it. But the reason you were busy is because you had the time in the first place ? Catch 22.
All true! I sometimes sit at computer waiting for (late) customers turning up, or when kids are watching Nickelodeon or 'Coro', will often have a look on forum late evening.

Not many great ways to advertise these days, you and I will be in the same position getting much work through recommendation and repeat custom. I used to get a fair bit of work through Autotrader back in the day, but Autotrader mag is no more (and I didn't realise until it had been off the shelf for well over a year :lol: )... On the other hand, I once put an expensive quarter page ad in Wakefield Express with, in bold, 'Half Price Petrol' as the header.. didn't get a single enquiry from that!

New to Twitter and don't understand the politics, for want of a better word. What would be the pros and cons of following each other?

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