Draw through Supercharger or Turbo & LPG

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Draw through Supercharger or Turbo & LPG

#1 Post by DodgeRover » Wed Dec 03, 2014 11:12 pm

As per the title really, plotting to get my power from my carb'd pinto and i'm fishing in the dark info wise when it comes to the LPG side. I can't go multipoint with my engine as there is no ecu as such to run it. Has anybody converted or had experience with a draw through setup? I'm currently running a BLOS mixer which I would like to keep but the only info I could get from the seller was (i think) its not suitable for use in a blow through system, otherwise I would just go gas only using the existing carb just as a throttle and showing the vapouriser boost pressure rather than atmospheric.

All suggestions welcome, engine transplants are a long term possibility but I need more time/ space. I'm after torque rather than top engine HP.

Thank you

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