SE5a Scimitar with Essex V6 running on LPG

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Re: SE5a Scimitar with Essex V6 running on LPG

#41 Post by Brian_H » Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:38 pm

MikeyBikey wrote:Long time since visited but still a constant lpg / dual fuel user in my racing scimitar se5a. I run around on open loop lpg then sprint / race on bleddy expensive shell v max.

Omvl 90e rated 150 bhp+.
Venturi on each mixer is 38mm.
Two mixers

Since the demise of photo bucket what's the easiest way to post some pictures. I'd like to show you my latest project, converting the old Essex v6 to run off twin throttle bodies from an omega v6. and a mixer on top of each tb. And a flute feeding each mixer. It's a bit basic but I've a wideband afr with gauge, and a decent vacuum gauge. She runs fine but nowhere near the oomph I was expecting.

Ps I have a modified dizzy that has the vacuum gubbins removed and throws lots of advance early on.
General consenus seems to be use instead, anywhere that allows direct linking should be fine. Photobucket went to being fairly rubbish before the nonsense they now have anyway.

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