Can poor refilling affect lpg switching over!!!!

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Can poor refilling affect lpg switching over!!!!

#1 Post by banni20 » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:02 pm

Hello all,

This is my first post so welcome to everyone! . I recently purchased an older renault kangoo but with a new engine and lpg conversion 30k ago. It is a BRC conversion. When shown around the van and shown how the lpg changed over i thought ive got myself a nice little number here!!! As always the case now, there was barely enuff petrol and lpg to get out of the driveway let alone to the petrol station so a quick stop was necessary.

As this is my first lpg and i honestly do not know much about it i had a little trouble filling up as wasnt to sure how to and didnt realise you had to click open the lever. So i got that cloud of 'pressure' gas as you release ( i hope you know what i mean) 3 times. Then to add to my stupidity.....i think i put in more gas than the tank was suppose to hold!!! So use to standing there all day to fill up with petrol and i normally watch the £'sss counter suppose to the litres!!! Then on my way home the lpg wouldnt switch over....GUTTED!!!

The van sat in my drive sat afternoon and all day today and i thought i would start it up and give it a try...and hey presto switched over perfectly fine after about 2 minutes. Let it cool and tried again to make sure this wasnt a fluke and worked perfectly fine again.

So my question is.....Could of my stupidity at the pertol station have anything to do with the lpg not switching over or should i have an underlying problem with the van...

Any help greatly appreciated!!!! Steven.

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Re: Can poor refilling affect lpg switching over!!!!

#2 Post by rossko » Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:49 am

It is just possible for severe overfill to cause a temporary lockup, excessive pressure trips the tank outlet excess flow valve or summat, generally cleared after an overnight stand.
If it doesn't happen again all well and good.

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