transit t300 2.3 Lpg idles at 3k

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transit t300 2.3 Lpg idles at 3k

#1 Post by p.t.plastering » Thu Mar 03, 2011 3:23 pm

my transit has started to run rough on idle when in petrol mode, when i flick over to gas it seems to run ok when driveing but idles at 2k-3k can anyone help me please iv only drove it for 3days

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Re: transit t300 2.3 Lpg idles at 3k

#2 Post by mogimad » Mon Jul 25, 2011 8:05 am

Hi there.
I have run a 2003 transit for the last 3 years, mostly on petrol, due to the constant stream of
problems with the "Factory Fit" lpg system that i ended up fitting a new front end kit.
Van now runs a treat, uses next to no petrol and delivers around 20 miles more to a tank
of gas than the original set up.
I really wish now i had done the front end install when it started playing up just after i bought it.
If your having problems and planning on keeping the van for any length of time,
i would urge you to seriously consider a new front end kit install, I was Quoted £1200 +vat
at the garage, Bought the gear on line ans self installed for £550. :D :D :D

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