Why did you convert? I need a push.

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Re: Why did you convert? I need a push.

#21 Post by inditime » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:14 am

I originally bought the MG ZT V6 for the wife, as she wanted an estate car, so decided to go lpg for her to save her pennies.
But then i thought once i got the ZT on lpg I would get a Jaguar XK8 and lpg that, but it went a bit wrong when i bought a 2.8 Z3 instead to replace the MGTF. Then to top it off the wife started barking on about how she needs a Land Rover in case we have another bad winter.(last year she had an Izusu Trooper, and she is an equestrian) so I went mad and bought an XK8 anyway, then I sold my Z3, and said I'd part exchange my Saab 93 diesel for a Landy. But then I sold my Saab in 2 days on Autotrader and ended up giving her the MG for work whilst I had to suffer going to work everyday in the Jag (BIG SMILES). But then I bought her a Landy and got the MG back and completed the lpg conversion.

Now I save money on the MG to spend on the Big Cat. I'm happy to leave the Jag on petrol for now, as it only does 5k per year. I'll see, maybe I'll think again once i start doing big European tours. I'll see how the guys in the XKEC get on with their XKs on lpg.

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