Strap Failure

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Strap Failure

#1 Post by Landy » Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:07 am

I just thought I would share the events of my Sunday afternoon drive with you.
I run a Disco which I had converted about 5 1/2 years ago with a four tank system (one in each sill and two in place of the petrol tank) and apart from a blown up air filter box during early teething problems and a the fill pipe rupturing just where it comes of the filler its been a good experience.
Then today as I was travelling along a fairly busy country B road at about 60, when there was suddenly a loud banking, scrapping and clanging from the nearside for the car. First thoughts where "Oh S**t the exhaust has come apart. I pulled over straight away to access the damage and was shocked to find one of the LPG (full) tanks lying of the road only attached by the filler hose. It was leaking quite a lot so I told my wife to get out and move away upwind. I closed the valve on the tank but this did not stop the leak and on closer inspection the road tank interface had damaged the pressure release value quite badly and it was this that was leaking.
I joined my wife and moved a good distance from the car and called the Fire Brigade as I was concerned about the amount of gas leaking. Much to my surprise I was told that despite the risk of explosion as it was not on fire they could not attend! When I remonstrated with the call taker, she conceded to talking to a senior college and would call me back if they could help. 10 mins later she called back to tell me they would be sending 2 appliances. Unfortunately an officer also attended and managed to complicate things so much that I eventually got back on my way 4 hours later whilst my damaged tank was transported on the back of a recovery trunk to the nearest Calor depot with a Fire engine escort. But a least no one was injured.
On close inspection the tank straps (which I now discover are no longer used) had rusted away where they are pinched between the tank and the chassis, so ever though I has a good look at them in early Dec I could not see a problem with them.
So I now my motor is off the road until I can get a new tank, valve and two sets of the new style clamps.

So if you have the older type of strap tank mounting system I would advise at the very least checking all of it on a regular basis or change over to the newer system.
Mind you tomorrow (just looked at the clock today) I am off on a 190 mile trip taking in the delights of the M11, M25 and M3! I will not dwell on he consequences of this happening at 70 mph in the outside lane. :!:

PS I have just discovered that I have made it onto the EADT's web site. :(

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