Range Rover, OMVL, Hassle.

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Range Rover, OMVL, Hassle.

#1 Post by blackstone » Tue Jan 13, 2009 10:59 am

I have a Range Rover Sport Supercharged. I got the LPG put on from new in June 06 by LPG Conversions - Derby. In fact the main dealer agreed to not invalidate the warranty, having selected the installer based on their reputation!

The thing started to run lumpy about a year ago on LPG and petrol. The dealer said it was valve recession due to gas burning at a higher temp. They were obliged (due to warranty) to strip the top of engine and reseat valves. After this I got LPG Conversions to fit Flashlube.

The thing is now ticking over so badly I cannot run it on LPG. I took it back to LPG Conversions who now tell me it is due to the kit they fitted needing replacement injectors and Regulator for circa £1k.

How can the kit be disfunctional so quickly? Surely the manufacturers don't design LPG for 3 years max lifespan when cars last for decades. I used to have a Prins system on my old Jeep and it never missed a beat. The fitted system I have now is OMVL.

I also had a water leak with the radiator almost running dry. Sent it to Land Rover who found the pipes used by the LPG installer had corroded and were leaking. Why would anyone instal kit that corrodes within 2 years?

Another problem it has had from day one is the engine light keeps coming on. This is something that only occurs if running on LPG. How hard can it be with the thousand of installations to fit the LPG so the fuel emmissions don't throw the engine management light on? I have heard this problem many times, even in these blogs. But installers never mention it when they sell you the job and seem completly unable to solve the problem.

So either OMVL should not be touched with a barge pole as it goes off quicker than prawns or the above installer is incompetent. Make your own conclusion.


#2 Post by badger » Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:39 pm

Having installed lots of OMVL systems over the years (yes, on my own cars as well as customers) and only ever had one real fault that is still being dealt with, I therefore have to conclude that it is your installer who is, as you suggest, incompetent. :)
Having said that though, there are a lot of vehicles around that just don't take to converting all that well and are best left to those who can prove their worth with customer feedback or demonstrations - yours is one.

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#3 Post by Charlie Renard » Wed Jan 14, 2009 9:25 pm

There is no problem with converting this vehicle with an AEB based system (Such as OMVL) if it is done properly. I have the L322 with identical engine/management which is converted with a Bigas system with no problems - you will have to accept that it will need to be set to use a small amount of petrol when you give it some real clog.
Your installers are loudmouths who are not as clever as they think they are.


#4 Post by blackstone » Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:23 pm

So where to now?

The original installer says the injectors and vapour unit need replacing after 2.5 years (40,000) miles.
  • Do I need these?
    Where do i source them?
    Are there better quality replacements around such as Prinn injectors?
    Do I need to have an installer do the work?
    What should I be looking to spend?

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#5 Post by Active_Lad » Thu Jan 15, 2009 3:48 pm

blackstone wrote:So where to now?

The original installer says the injectors and vapour unit need replacing after 2.5 years (40,000) miles.
On the basis that your original installer is incompetent, you should be heading for another installer who knows their stuff. Maybe I'm being cynical, but perhaps he looks at your motor, assumes you've money to burn and so tries it on..? :roll:
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#6 Post by mondeoman » Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:51 pm

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#7 Post by tommo2009 » Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:59 pm

The OMVL system should be fine for this vehicle in everyday use. If the vehicle is pushed hard then any gas system on the market may have issues with supplying enough fuel for this vehicle.
The installer should have the "dongle" to allow access to the fuel map.

but the first thing to do is to run the vehicle on petrol with diagnostics attached and monitor the fuel trims and the pre and post cat oxygen sensors under all conditions.
when you have an idea of how the vehicle is running you can then start to tune the LPG system.
The autocal will put you on the playing field but a vehicle such as yours will require further tuning.
You may find that the boost is not linear (which i suspect it isn't) so the LPG will need to be adjusted to suit all RPM and load conditions
if the system is going lean under high load conditions then the software allows you to either add an amount of petrol with the gas or run completely on petrol at higher loads ( the points at which this occurs is fully configurable within the software)
The AEB system also allows you to turn each injector on or off so if you do have injector problems it can be narrowed down by this method

I am also a bit concerned that the installer has quoted circa 1K for injectors and a vapouriser as this is hugely overpriced.
Call FES autogas (OMVL importers) to see what they would charge
Another thing is to ensure that the plugs are not platinum as LPG does tend to disagree with these. if they are platinum get them changed to standard copper core.

hope this is of some help

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