New Member - Old lag on LPG!

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New Member - Old lag on LPG!

#1 Post by SMP » Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:35 pm

Hi folks - just found this forum - lots of good info - will take ages to read it all!!

Anyway - my background.

Been running LPG for over 10 years now. Started with a Citroen Xantia. This had a BRC sequential flying gas (that''s the term the installers used!!) system fitted by an outfit in Queniborough - Leicestershire. It was OK but a bit temperamental - tended to stall on the overrun. Never did get to the bottom of it but must have done about 90K on LPG - saved a fortune!

My wife's 2.3 galaxy (thirsty beast) has had a BRC Blitz (single point injection) fitted for about 8/9 years. We've done about 80K on LPG - saved an even bigger fortune! No major problems - has backfired a few times - blowing vac pipes off and wrecking the airfilter box! Had to replace the vapouriser about 18 months ago after the system started playing up. A few places offered to take a look at it if I crossed their palms with wads of cash and didn't hold them to actually achieving anything! So I bought a replacement vapouriser from WTV and we're cooking on gas again!!

The Xantia got replaced and I now run a 55 Dualfuel Vectra from AMS. Very pleased with that.

I read with interest some of your contributers comments both about WTV and AMS!!

Anyway have a few queries so will create a separate post.




#2 Post by 2CR51 » Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:31 am

Is this the same AMS (UK) Grimsby (Now trading as that has (just) had finance pulled by Barclays?

Why do companies as small as AMS change their recognised name - especially one they have had for so long?

Now ask yourself, why should someone like Barclays (the greatest financial money lending risk taker in the world when it comes to investing?) tell another company, unless of course they had major concerns on how they operate etc., to find another source of finance for its customers unless there is something seriously wrong - so wrong it leaves them open to litigation too?

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