last ALDESA problem, DTC P0443, fixed!

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last ALDESA problem, DTC P0443, fixed!

#1 Post by chuckie888 » Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:06 pm

The background. Had a conversion Sep 2006 which was plagued with problems:

1) 1500-2000rpm idle. Caused by leaking inlet manifold gasket.

2) Random stalling. Caused by loose earth on Fuel Injection rail.

3) General bad running, especially idling. Caused by wrong throttle body gasket and over use of instant gasket blocking of MAP and IAC passageways. Injectors were underneath and had to be moved to the top!

4) DTC P0400. Was actually P0443, but the Digimoto s/w was wrong! Anyway, the EVAP Purge Control Solenoid valve is located on the injector rail which is buried underneath the original wiring and now the LPG wiring and injector hoses. Plus it faces towards the back of the car.

4a) Tested the EVAP Purge Control Solenoid valve harness for Potential Difference (Voltage) and was ok.

4b) Tried to test the resistance of the valve but could only locate one pin, so got a mirror out and saw a bent pin, so OBDII does work! Straightened the pin and now all is fine, no errors! Strange how it only came on when running on LPG! Must be the fuel returning into the tank causing more vapour.

5) Re-tweaked the mapping and idle settings after I adjusted the vapouriser which streches in-service and now all is fine! Shame I don't drive the car anymore as I had to buy a diesel due to my milage and LPG system problems. The other half drives 1 mile to work and back so hardly use LPG anymore.

So over 2 years and 25K I have just about recouped the initial conversion cost, but not all the remedial work I had to do myself and the new parts I've bought but were not required. I now know the system quite well but in hindsight I would not do it again! I think I'll take it off now and transfer it to a different car. I'll do it myself to guarantee it's done properly.

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