BMW 320i Inlet manifold split due to Backfire

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BMW 320i Inlet manifold split due to Backfire

#1 Post by Ray_Davis219 » Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:15 am

Hello to all. I need advice to my problem. Boxing day i went into town, parked the car and returned about an hour later. as i started the car, there was a loud muffuled bang. i tried to start the car but it wouldnt tick over, very erratic then stalled after a few seconds.

I called for assistance and got the car home, I had to wait until the next Monday for the local garage to open I explained the situation and got the car to the repairer Who investigated What had Happened. He told me that there had been a back fire through the inlet manifold due to the Camshaft sensor being faulty. then came the bad news. He wont be able to reinstall the gas components to the car and Ill have to have that part done by a qualified gas fitter so I am going to have to get the car to the gas installers to have the repair finished off. Anyway ive waffled long enough.

Has anyone had this problem with manifold before?
Could the problem be due to cam sensor or gas
Is there a gas service / car Repairer That would look after my motor in the Wolverhampton Area.

Best Regards

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