Completed BRC Training Over the Weekend With My Merc ML320

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Completed BRC Training Over the Weekend With My Merc ML320

#1 Post by M.S.R » Wed Dec 03, 2008 4:08 pm

Not a single problem all the way home, only thing was that when i filled up near Nottingham and drove off the gauge lights didnt all go on, i turned engine off and on and they went all on. Filled up yesterday in Slough and all lights went on but after a little while they dropped down to 2lights, bit strange but i knew i would have to make adjustments on the 1000mile service so no problems. Really happy with the conversion, phoned the insurance company and notified them and they're giving me a refund of £25 :D What more could you ask for? The ML drives alot smoother and picks up really well as LPG is supposed to be a Higher Octane Fuel then Unleaded.

I don’t even have to drive a mile for the LPG to switch over, car was cold and went to fill up yesterday from my local and it switched over in less then half a mile as its all dependant on the coolant temperature. The quicker your engine coolant warms up the quicker the LPG switches over! At the end of the day there is no way any manufacturer of any part can guarantee that all manufactured components will be in 100% correct working order so I really don’t see why people make such a big deal if 1 out of 500 Gas components are faulty, i.e. Vaporisers, solenoids, injectors, valves, tanks or gauges. The training course was extremely comprehensive and that is the only reason I feel nothing went wrong on the journey home.

I really feel that people like 'Dave K' have got a personal vendetta against LPG as a whole where he should be looking at the installer first and then the warranty and if the installer isn’t very good and has not done a comprehensive conversion then the installer should be blamed not LPG as a whole. I’ve had customers come in complaining of certain problems with exhaust leaking or brand new tyres going flat that they have had fitted from main dealers or kwik fit and the problem was all down to the person fitting the parts wrong or not using things like tyre bead sealant or exhaust paste!

Honestly Dave, I know all the rubbish you come out with is really good entertainment and keeps everyone in the debate but have a look back on all of your motoring life and can you honestly tell me that you have never had a problem with any of your cars in the past and then found that the problem was with the fitting and not the component or the component failed because of negligence by the person who fitted it? Dave you keep going on about how we’ve all been had by the LPG Bandwagon but just try and have a look at how many people are actually really happy about making a saving on fuel even if they have to wait a year or two after the conversion. How long do you think petrol will stay below £1 and diesel below £1.10? 5years? Even if LPG Comes up to 90p and petrol is £1 im still Super Happy! Ive got atleast 20 LPG filling stations from where I live and ill defiantly be getting a tank installed at my workshop. Im sure Dave wrote in one of the posts that he's in his late 50's and i know how some people hit a certain age they start to moan alot more and argue alot as they have nothing better to do! This Forum is the only thing keeping Dave sane! As he can vent his life's frustration through his Crappy LPG Install! LoL!

Ive read so many new posts where people are thinking about getting the conversion done and first advice they are all given is to calculate if its worth getting it done! That’s take into consideration the distance of the installer just in case anything goes wrong or for servicing and you have to get the vehicle back to them, installers reputation, filling stations in your local vicinity and most of all its all down to how much you drive the vehicle. Not all petrol engines react well to LPG, we all know what Flash Lube is and that had to be introduced because of soft internal engine components and that obviously had to be discovered after LPG had an adverse effect! Installers now know how important it is to tap into the correct coolant hoses as this will effect LPG immensely. There are so many factors that only an installer who wants to do the conversion right will spend the time doing the research before they actually do the conversion.

Example of a fitter who got sacked from where I had my training:
-Citroen Birlingo engine got cooked because the coolant hoses to the vaporiser were rubbing on the gear linkages and emptied all the coolant on the motorway

-VW Passat needed a £2000 wiring loom as he drilled into it when attempting to fit the tank straps

-Drilled a hole too big in an interior panel for the LPG Gauge and that took a day to rectify

So my point is that its all down to the person installing the components whether it be LPG, an Exhaust or a Tyre. Im not saying that main dealers or kwik fit are rubbish but there's always going to be 1 or 2 Technicians or Fitters letting the Team down and giving the Industry or Brand a bad name...

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