Help new to LPG

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Help new to LPG

#1 Post by robfromcornwall » Sun Jul 06, 2008 11:28 am

Hello all - I am new to this forum and new to LPG. I was wondering if anyone could offer me advice on my lpg conversion. I have a 2001 Range Rover 4.0L HSE which is returning an average of 20mpg.

I have it booked it for a LPG conversion (multi point) and am hoping to get 2 torpedo tanks fitted underneath but the garage want to fit the filler point next to the petrol filler - can anyone suggest anywhere else (less obvious) where to fit the filler cap. Also can anyone offer me any advice or words of wisdom when having the conersion completed.

I am paying £1800 and the company doing the conversion is OZON in Plymouth

What sort of MPG should I expect?
Are there any problems to look out for?

Many thanks


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#2 Post by billynoband » Mon Jul 07, 2008 4:36 pm

There are plenty of ways to fit a LPG filler to the rear of a Range Rover. I can understand fitters wanting to fit one next to the petrol filler for a internal tank because its easier overall. If they are fitting underslung tanks then a bumper/towbar mounted filler would be easier for them too and look better. So if you dont want it in the bodywork tell them and stick to your guns.
Good luck.
You could contact Blazegas who come on here a lot who specialize in Range Rovers.


how did it go with ozon?

#3 Post by cmc_sithlord » Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:21 pm

Hi robfromcornwall,

just wondering how your install went if you used ozon? they've given a competitive quote for our 04 Honda CRV and say can do the job with having the car over 1 night (morning to noon next day). It's an extra £50+vat for the flashlube but I understand it's worth it for engines like the honda.

anyway, if you did use ozon how did it go? any problems with them as installers or the job they did?


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#4 Post by gavbriggs » Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:28 am

i have a 4.0l rangey and get between 13mpg urban and 21.5mpg motorway.

although i don't believe the computer onboard!!!

i got 580 miles from two fills, mainly motorway driving and each fill was 94 litres which is 14.5 so i have no idea what it does to the gallon!!!!

i just know at 49.9 a litre its way cheaper than petrol equivelant miles!!!

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