Hi Guys I'm a Newbie

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nick the nurse

Hi Guys I'm a Newbie

#1 Post by nick the nurse » Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:00 am

Hi guys firstly a great site with loads of info :D
I need to pick your brains please

I am definitley going to go the LPG route as I drive a 3.5 24v DOHC LWB Pajero and the MPG isn't good :roll: :lol:
I have "sourced" an LPG kit fitted to a 3.0 Pajero which is MOT failure

The question is will this system fit straight onto mine :? .everything is there emulator switches wiring tank loom etc etc etc
or will it need anything else done to it :?
and No I won't be fitting it myself as I understand it will need a Cert from a registered LPG installer

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