A few simple repairs of 2014

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A few simple repairs of 2014

#1 Post by LPGC » Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:21 pm

2003 Mustang V8 owner... The Jeep SRT8 and C300 SRT8 you converted for me are the best running LPG conversions I've ever had, but I've also got this Mustang that's converted to gas, it's never run properly and the engine dies when I slow for roundabouts etc, will you have a look and fix it? Found - Injectors worn out, although the previous owner had paid another firm for a service the filters had never been changed, no fuel return fitted so fuel pressure went from 250kPa on petrol to 430kPa on LPG.. My advise - You need new injectors and should really have a fuel and valve lube system return fitted but if you like a cheaper option will be to set a constant petrol addition and then you won't need the fuel return or lube.. Owner - Please service it, fit new injectors and set the petrol addition.. Feedback - Runs great now thanks.

V6 Shogun owner.. I've had this vehicle for ages and it used to run well on gas but the engine blew on it so I had a new engine fitted. Since then it misfires on 2 cylinders, I've had 2 auto-electricians have a look, they've changed a few parts including coil packs etc and have charged me a lot so far but the problem persists, will you have a look, I'm a fair distance but could trailer it in? Found - BRC system fitted, the 2 pairs of injector break loom connectors were connected to the wrong plugs (on a V6, a BRC system connects 4 cylinders in one plug and 2 in the other)... :lol: Thought the point of an auto-electrician was to trace wiring faults...

P38 owner... My vehicle was overheating and losing water so I took it to %%& in Doncaster and they advised either a head gasket had gone, cracked block / head, porous block etc.. and advised they rebuilt my engine. So I paid them £2500 for the engine rebuild but it still overheats and loses water, will you have a look.. Found - The reducer was leaking gas into the cooling system, pressurising the cooling system and causing all the symptoms. I changed the reducer and the problems disappeared. Likely, the other firm had rebuilt the engine and charged £2500 unnecessarily. This has happened a few times over the years!

Cadillac V6 owner (mid 2014) - I live down South now but I'm originally from your area and still visit family there regularly. Can you convert my car sometime soon? Reports - Thanks Simon you've done a great job, can't even tell it's running on gas. November 2014 - Will you have a word with this garage please.. It runs great on gas but there's a misfire on petrol, so while I was down South I took it to this Cadillac garage and they diagnosed a broken petrol injector, they changed the petrol injector but the symptom remains. Chat with Cadillac garage - Garage.. We don't just do mechanics, we're very knowledgeable and fit LPG systems too, our code reader said petrol injector disconnected so we changed the petrol injector but it still misfires, we now think it might be a problem with the LPG ECU, the LPG ECU disconnects the petrol injectors while on gas but reconnects them while on petrol doesn't it?? Problem is, we've had the manifold off now so will need to charge this guy £500+ for what we've done.. Me - If you're into LPG you should know the ECU disconnects / reconnects petrol injectors, you didn't have to take the manifold off to check for a pulse to the affected cylinder while running on petrol because the standard vehicle's petrol injector connector is very accessible at the side of the manifold (that's where the standard vehicle's injector break plug is), and you wouldn't need to take the full manifold off to change a petrol injector anyway as the manifold is in 2 halves, you'd only need to take the top part off? Outcome, owner refused to pay Cadillac garage, brought it to me, I changed the LPG ECU under warranty. Strange that a KME ECU should go down in this way, first time I've seen it.

Jeep V8 owner - You converted a Jeep for me in 2006 and I've never had a problem with the LPG, but I didn't put any oil in the engine so needed to have the engine rebuilt. The garage that rebuilt and re-fitted the engine assures me that they put everything back as was but it won't run on petrol or LPG, will you arrange with the garage to go visit and see if you can sort it please as they've had it a month now? Findings - injector break plugs on wrong way round, injector pipes crimped, injector plugs on wrong injectors, coil pack connectors not all fitted, hardly any petrol in tank, engine rocker gasket leaking profusely, no petrol in petrol tank.. Me - I've sorted it now and am a bit surprised you didn't notice you hadn't connected at least all the coil packs up. It tuns sweet on gas now but there's no petrol in it, seems you've run it all off... Them - We haven't got any petrol here and we're not allowed to go and get any in a can. Me. I'll go get some petrol to show you it running properly on gas or petrol then - There you go look it runs well on either fuel, now you just need to fix the oil leak...

Merc V6 owner - I contacted you about having my Merc converted a few months ago but you were booked up the week I wanted it doing and I ended up getting it done a bit cheaper in a day in Castleford, but it's never run properly since and although I've been back to the installer a dozen times they haven't fixed it, I feel fobbed off and have lost faith in them so can you fix it please? Findings - Oh dear not a good job of install! Constant misfire on one cylinder on either fuel.. A few basic tests confirmed the LPG ECU was broken - fitting a new ECU fixed the problem (why didn't the installer notice the faulty ECU?). The customer asked for my comments on the rest of the system and I ended up changing the type of injectors and making proper brackets for them.

Would advise anyone reading this to think carefully when choosing an installer for a new install or a repair - There are some good installers on this forum, having mutual respect for each others skills, and it might be worth going out of your way to visit one of us rather than take your chances!

Above is a small selection of examples that spring immediately to mind, there have been many other similar easy fixes where the owner has paid wayyy too much for incorrect diagnostics and unnecessary / ineffective parts fitting. I am often shocked when I hear how much customers have paid other firms for incorrect diagnostics and ineffective repairs before coming to me, and surprised at how such companies can get away with both their charges and their results. I.e. How can a firm justify charging someone five times what I would charge to definitely fix something, but them not manage to fix it yet still charge? There are many supposed 'reputable' firms out there with big adverts and supposed 'positive feedback' from their supposed customers.

Some of the most common issues I see involve the done in a day installs... with very poor calibration, poor choice of injectors and injector nozzles, reducers and injectors that aren't up to the job, very poor jobs of installation.

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