Thank you to Tubbs

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Thank you to Tubbs

#1 Post by babycaravan » Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:21 pm

Just home after 150 mile drive towing my caravan, after having my S Type converted by Tubbs.
Would like to say. what a great bloke he is. Let me stay and help over the 4 days. (I know how to make his tea just right now lol)
Having done diy conversions myself in the past and chickening out of doing this car myself.
I know I made the right decision in getting Tubbs to do the conversion for me. He knew what he it doing and when there was some thing I was not sure off. He was happy to explain, the main one being the petrol pipe return. which I now under stand how it works and why the relay is fitted.
He also let me change the plugs and air pipe that is known to fail.
the plugs had been put in my a monkey with a spanner, we both thought they were going break in the head as I undid them. It was a relief when the last one was undone.

You would not know any difference in the running on LPG.

I would recommend Tubbs to anyone.

Thanks Toby

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Re: Thank you to Tubbs

#2 Post by Tubbs » Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:15 pm

Thanks Kevin, it was an absolute pleasure to have you around for a few days. 'Helping'. And you are always welcome back now you know exactly how to make a brew and eat biscuits !

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