Audi S4 2.7 Bi-turbo

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Audi S4 2.7 Bi-turbo

#1 Post by j33myb » Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:28 pm


So successful was my Corrado on LPG that I had no hesitation in going for another car with LPG.

It's a 1999 S4 Avant (B5) and has a 2.7 V6 bi-turbo engine. The conversion was done my the previous owner and it's a BRC kit. It's been in for about 30k miles.

It's runs like a dream. Having never driven an S4 previously, I can't tell if there is a power loss, but feels very quick to me! There is a 62litre tank in the boot (taking 55litres) giving me a range of approx 270miles. Equates to 23mpg on a long run, which is what I expected.

Have done 800miles in 4 days and the car, and LPG runs jsut fine, so I'm very pleased :)

(I've put my Corrado in the garage until I can sort cheaper insurance out).

Happy days!
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