Is this real

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Re: Is this real

#21 Post by pjpj » Wed Apr 06, 2011 12:18 am

Very few have this software, especially the realtime version. Vauxhall used to. I believe there may even be a dongle with it, personally I don't think it'll be worth all the work unless you plan on putting this kit onto a completely different car, even then I don't think the software will allow you to make the necessary changes. It is on an EEPROM on the EGI system so would need downloading, modifying and re-burning. Not sure about the GSI. Probably NVM.

Counting the flashes is basic and simple and provides enough information, in conjunction with the petrol ECU, to enable a repair.

Ha ha, you have to be quick off the mark when developing new attachments. Ideally, get hold of prototypes and the likes to beat the Chinese etc.

That was a good try though.



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