Filler Pipe Arrestor

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Filler Pipe Arrestor

#1 Post by Active_Lad » Fri Mar 13, 2009 4:54 pm

One of the things that has annoyed me when refuelling is the use of Filler Pipe arrestors in some garages that seem to be designed to limit the extent to which the filler can be pulled away from the pump. They normally consist of a spring-recoil cord.

I can't see they are there to prevent the filler pipe being driven over and releasing gas because there's a shut off valve in the pump and the pressure in the pipe is released when you disconnect. And if the pipe is damaged, is there any more risk of fire from a split gas pipe than a split petrol pipe? So what purpose do they serve?
  • 1. They don't appear to be a legal requirement because not everyone has them;
    2. They are always too short;
    3. They are always too "strong / tight"
I may be particularly affected by them because the filler is on the Towbar rather than in the bumper or side panel. Am I the only one that finds them annoying?
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