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defender v8 major issues

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:35 pm
by jimjames2uk
can anyone help ive no idea about lpg systems have a landrover v8 with lpg sysyem fitted in 2008 has done about 17000 miles since fitted . was fitted when i bought defender every thing has been fine with it up til now the system is a bi gas single point system . was out in landrover last night running it on petrol didnt bother to switch it over as was short run and was low on gas but system decoded to switch its self on and wasnt running right was spluttering and no power the only way i could shut it off was to pull the wire on system to get it to switch back to petrol. if you leave wires on you can hear the lpg tank click as soon as ignition is turned can anyone help