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AEB 4 cylinder ecu - NEW Purchased in error! (OMVL / BIGAS?)

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:16 pm
by wackyracer1
AEB ecu originally pruchased to replace the one on my omvl xxie / xxin system, however it turned out the ecu wasnt at fault after all in the car! The ecu had been plugged in for less than 5 mins and never even programmed so literally as new.

It is for a 4 cylinder car and i believe it can also be used with some Bigas systems etc but please check as AEB made these and omvl etc simply bought them and badged them with own name!

I can supply info on back if required.

This is not the EOBD verson ( wiht the lambada feed)

Cost me nearly £180

Asking £150 ono.