Sometimes hesitates and bucks on lpg

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Sometimes hesitates and bucks on lpg

#1 Post by pgtips » Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:56 am

Hi, I've got an intermittent fault that I'd like to understand and fix. This weekend I drove for miles on LPG no problems but on way home the car felt as though I was lifting my foot, then pushing down on accelerator, back off, down again etc so I switched to petrol and it was ok.

5 mins later switch back to LPG and it's ok for a bit then it happens again. Rinse and repeat. Petrol good, LPG 'bucks'.

Doesn't seem to start happening due to a reason like under load, heavy acceleration engine warmed, engine temps good, nothing different. It just does it.

Stopped for some food and hour later drove rest of journey home on LPG no problem.

My filters are all recently changed. It's a Subaru 2.0 n/a.

I'm going to plug in laptop later and see if any fault codes show but maybe it's something people know about.

Many thanks, Kevin

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