Filling Problems

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Filling Problems

#1 Post by Cameron1590 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:43 pm

Hi All,

Just purchased a Volvo V40 dual fuel car. Car is fairly old but low mileage. I have been having problems with trying to fill up with LPG. Most pumps just refuse to seal around the bayonet fitting. It only appears to be very new pumps that will seal.

I decided to replace my bayonet fitting for a new one to see if it cures the problem, only problem is I can't get this JIC hose to unscrew from the back of the bayonet fitting.

Any ideas? I have tried WD40 and lots of muscle, reluctant to try any heat from a Blow torch for obvious reasons.


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Re: Filling Problems

#2 Post by Brian_H » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:56 pm

Provided the one way valve works in the tank inlet then you could unscrew it from that end first, remove it from the vehicle potentially and try holding the bayonet in a vice or similar? It may have had some sort of thread sealant on it to attempt to seal it, or just be stuck from 15+ years of not being moved (guessing at age given what info you've said suggests it may be a "factory fit" type system so would be somewhere round that age). They should just unscrew, and being inside the vehicle? (again guessing, but it tends to be the case on those installs that they are mounted into a wing or similar) shouldn't be too corroded or anything.

Of course if its mounted externally in some way then it may be corroded, it may be worth considering replacing the JIC hose as its going to be the same age anyway. You already know the length by measuring it so would just need to see if the other end will undo. Tinley tech sell them, either straight connections at both ends or one end with a 90 degree bend, just work out what you have currently and go with the same?

If your considering undoing it with the tank still partially or fully full then you can release the pressure by pushing a screwdriver into the filler - be aware this will let some gas out if any is left in the line, and it may be in a liquid state so use something long and keep your hands etc as far away from the filler as possible before you do.

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