P38 Reducer Recommendations

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P38 Reducer Recommendations

#1 Post by jacckk » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:42 pm

Hi all,

I've got a 4.6 P38 (GEMS engine) with a lpgtech multipoint system with a Tomasetto Anartic reducer. After checking it today it's leaking gas through the vacuum pipe.

Should I buy a repair kit, buy another antartic or buy a completely different reducer? Someone in another thread said they are never the same as new even after a repair kit. What do you guys recommend?


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Re: P38 Reducer Recommendations

#2 Post by LPGC » Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:33 am

It's not that repaired reducers can't be as good as a new one, it's more like a repair usually just involves replacing soft parts like diaphragms, so other parts (mechanisms, jets, springs) still have wear and tare to match how much use the reducer's had. More than likely it'll work as good as new after replacing the leaking diaphragm.

You mentioned both anarctic and antartic reducers in your post, they're different models! The Tomasetto range of reducers can easily confuse: alaska, arctic, antarctic, anarctic are different models and some with a different name (which are in fact different models) have the same base product code (e.g. AT09). Also even a reducer by the same name and product code can be a different design depending on year. That said, they probably only use one or two designs of diaphragm over the entire range, when we get to higher spec than arctic the biggest differences seem to be designs to the heat exchange system (very similar working internals) but this doesn't mean they have the same bracketing / piping / filter / sensor arrangements, they don't. The most common reason for failures on this range of reducers is running too cold.

It's always easier to swap like for like but if you decide to swap for a different reducer it would be a good idea to know what working pressure you need from the reducer first (could look at software settings for this) because the anarctic and antarctic models are adjustable to a higher pressure than most reducers.

It would be a shame/ironic to prefer a different reducer but still buy one that you think is exactly the same model to make life easier... only for 'same model' to have had a design change and now have a different piping / bracket / solenoid / temp sensor fitting arrangement (I've seen all those aspects change with design changes on supposed 'same model' Tomasetto reducers) that would have made swapping to your preferred different model just as easy. If you go for 'same model' check any of those aspects you might have concerns about first, could look at sellers pics for this (as long as sellers pics are up to date).

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