Switching back to petrol

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Switching back to petrol

#1 Post by jacckk » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:29 pm


My 2003 Range Rover 4.4 with a BRC sequent system has recently developed a problem where it doesn't want to run on gas. Sometimes it will work fine and other times it will instantly switch back to petrol and beep as if it's out of gas. This has only recently started happening. A few months ago I did repair the vapouriser as it was leaking gas out the vacuum port but it's been running fine for a while after that.

A few times the car has stalled whilst driving (not idling or transitioning to idle) when the LPG system tries to switch over. When that happens the revs just slowly die with no throttle response like it's got no fuel. The LPG system doesn't beep that it's out of gas before it dies when this happens.


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Re: Switching back to petrol

#2 Post by Brian_H » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:13 pm

sounds like either a gummed up solenoid post (one at the tank/each tank, another on the vapouriser) or failing solenoid coil to me.

If you take a hose off you should be able to tell if there is much gas pressure is there, one of the output side of the vapouriser. If its a single hole tank provided you can access the valve and shut the tank off using the tap if there is one, then checking the rear post isn't major. If its a 4 hole tank then you ideally want the tank empty.....

The front one can be checked, though you probably did that when you had the vapouriser apart?
Do you have any access to the diagnosics for your system?

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