BRC system causing problems

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Re: BRC system causing problems

#21 Post by Gilbertd » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:16 am

So don't blame the fuel then, sort out the system. What is there to hate about a fuel where the car runs exactly the same as on petrol, produces the same amount of power, drives just the same but costs half the price? 156 miles on £15.20 worth means you would get 250-260 on a full tank so even though a larger tank might be an idea, that's about the only downside I can think of (even though that's more than I get on a tankful).
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Re: BRC system causing problems

#22 Post by LPGC » Sun Feb 26, 2017 12:50 pm

:lol: Take a couple of bollockings already for criticising LPG while obviously preferring to use it instead of spending double on petrol and taking the trouble to fix it Mark ;-)

I could relieve you of all your troubles and sort all LPG problems on all your vehicles... if you brought them to me for repair... and then there'd be nothing to hate about LPG? If you were thinking of bringing your ST220, first I might advise fitting the proper Ford spec Motorcraft plugs, you might want to do that yourself before you came.

Every type of lube system puts fluid into the manifold, but does yours do it directly (as in lube pipe feeds straight into the manifold) or does lube pipe connect into gas pipe somewhere? A lot of BRC installs use BRC's lube system, which involves lube entering the manifold via LPG injectors, which is a big negative for LPG injectors and performance of the LPG system. BRC injectors aren't cheap, you don't want to ruin them by gumming them with lube fluid. After gumming it's not unusual for injectors to remain defective after any amount of flushing with cleaning fluids etc.

Two LPG tanks on my not very economical 3.3 Grand Voyager, can get 60L in the toroidal underslung tank and 80L in the luggage area cylinder tank (which I can easily remove, do so every time I take inlaws and co to the airport).. I filled from empty with 140 litres the other day and on a long motorway run that could get me 700 miles on LPG, saving me £80 in the process. Saves me £80 a fortnight in fuel costs anyway!

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Re: BRC system causing problems

#23 Post by Brian_H » Sun Feb 26, 2017 10:12 pm

Markt8 wrote:Sorry it wasn't in one go, tank must be around 50ltrs, it cost £26 to fill at 53p a litre, I had done 156mile on £15.20 refilled as we were doing 330mile total. I've had several lpg cars and reason I mean I hate it is its never really right in any of the cars I've had always been a fault but all have been systems I haven't fitted myself.
I've been far happier with the car I fitted (DIY kit from Simon) than the previous ones I've had. The factory fit one was ok till it started going wrong, the Galaxy with the Landi Renzo system has had a few issues over the time i've had it, and is a pain to work on due to the way its been installed (underslung tank with a central valve accessible only from the top being one example, Misfiring due to a short circuited coil pack feed caused by the installers poor soldering many years beforehand having worn through insulation, etc).

Its a Marmite thing, great when its working! BRC isn't the most DIY friendly system either unfortunately. Though at least you've ruled out the things you can see with whats already been done, so a good start there.

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Re: BRC system causing problems

#24 Post by Markt8 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:45 pm

This seems to be fixed now after I fixed a bad inlet manifold vaccum pipe leak


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