Prins Problem

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Prins Problem

#1 Post by Bulldoggy » Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:15 pm

Hi a bit of insight requested I have a Lexus Rx300 which comes up with an engine code bank2 too rich. It only seems to occur when the weather gets cold, Last year I just cleared the code through the winter every 2 to 3 weeks. All through the summer it has run faultlessly no codes loads of power reasonable fuel consumption.

Simon do you service Prins and are you still at the same number on your website (says last updated in 2012), it definitely needs servicing as well but I would like to know roughly best guess at what's wrong so that I can gauge the cost.

Many thanks for any input.

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Re: Prins Problem

#2 Post by LPGC » Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:58 pm

Hi, yes I service Prins systems.

I currently have the interface and software for Prins VSI1 systems but not for Prins VSI2 systems. If yours was fitted more than a year or so ago it will almost certainly be a VSI1 system so no problem there.

Seems your fault is most likely just a calibration issue, in which case easily sorted, but I have some Prins spares here anyway. Service includes the check/adjustment of calibration and would be £60 for the Prins system.

I think you'll find my price a lot cheaper than most Prins dealers price and that I'd be more likely to fix the problem. Most installers that are not Prins dealers tend not to have the facilities or know how to diagnose / repair / calibrate Prins systems... I wouldn't fancy your chances at an installer you might be pointed to by moderators on the Lexus forum.

Website could do with a bit of refreshing to make it look more up to date and fix broken links etc but all info on it is as relevant today as it was in 2012. Bit of a chore to update it as there's so much info on it etc and I do all the work myself. I wish more sites were done by the site owner rather than by them employing web site professionals... On too many sites it's obvious that most of the text was written by a website pro, and where the LPG pro isn't great at explaining things some website pros seem to copy content from other websites. A refresh for my site might involve a gallery etc, since I've only recently started taking pics (when I remember!).

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