Stumbling change over OMVL dream xx1 n

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Stumbling change over OMVL dream xx1 n

#1 Post by edge » Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:05 pm

Hello people I hope somebody can help I have a Freelander 1.8 k series with a OMVLXX1N system
Like the title says the change over from petrol to gas is a bit rough /hesitant, most noticeable in the mornings on first change from cold even when at a constant throttle /speed (50mph 2500rpm)ish it feels like the gas is being dumped in all at one go rather than sequentially .
also at low revs when pulling out of a parking space for instance and you are only lightly using the throttle and it co-insides with the rev change over threshold sometimes this will cause the engine to stall.
I have a omvl software package but I'm not techie by any means and don't want to mess with things to much but I have checked to see if the gas is set for full group or sequential and sequential is the setting.
The only thing I thought was maybe there was a faulty injector /wiring problem however as you can see from the photo the injectors are encased in the silver block on the top of the engine and it is difficult to see what wires go where.
Anybody out there have a wiring diagram that I could look at?
Maybe I could make some headway :D
Other than that she runs fine on gas and returns 30 to the gallon on a run .

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Re: Stumbling change over OMVL dream xx1 n

#2 Post by classicswede » Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:08 pm

Give it a service and clean the injectors and solenoid plungers ... 10800.aspx

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