Subaru H6 - Sheffield region - who'll let you watch?

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Re: Subaru H6 - Sheffield region - who'll let you watch?

#21 Post by Gilbertd » Tue Dec 01, 2015 6:03 pm

I wouldn't have paid good money for that conversion, you can't see anything! Where's all the hoses, pipes and wires draped over the engine and the injectors dangling around on top ready to eat their way through the bonnet like on a lot of conversions we see pictures of? Or maybe that's the thinking of some installers, they are under the impression that people want to be able to see what they've paid for?
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Re: Subaru H6 - Sheffield region - who'll let you watch?

#22 Post by LPGC » Tue Dec 01, 2015 7:01 pm

Well, try to do a neat job but haven't really got a problem with components being visible etc, can be neat with visible components I reckon. On this Subaru shortest injector pipe lengths meant putting injectors in the box with petrol injectors (could be forgiven for thinking said boxes are rocker covers). Injectors there meant best place to run gas pipes was in space under intake manifold, filters behind manifold under air filter. Just think of where every component is going to go before fitting anything as usual, worked out not a bad place for reducer and lube bottle either, these attach to an existing bracket that was modded / extended to avoid making holes in engine bay area.

On the XJR I did more recently components are very visible but would be impossible to hide components such as injectors while retaining same level of technical correctness on that vehicle. I usually opt for technical correctness / function over hidden (obviously some compromise can be good - adding an extra inch to injector pipes no big deal, and if that means injectors can be fitted more neatly, maybe under covers etc, then would add the inch). More of a happy coincidence that tech correct can mean hidden on the Subaru.. Also, I think I got the impression RichR preferred bits hidden out of sight as long as that didn't infringe on tech correctness (Rich?).

Cheers Gilbert. And, I know you weren't implying it or anything but I'll just make sure others know injectors and other bits on the XJR don't foul on the bonnet heat/sound dampener or anything! In case of some installers, bits seem to be fitted where it's easiest me thinks - and as we'd expect, particularly on done in a day jobs... You can sometimes tell how long their arms are without bending over the bonnet, their dislike of bending over or getting into uncomfortable positions, dislike of getting hands and tools into tight or difficult places, of removing engine components for access, of making brackets etc! :lol:

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Re: Subaru H6 - Sheffield region - who'll let you watch?

#23 Post by rich r » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:43 pm

Indeed - I asked Simon to make it look as standard as possible but without compromising pipe lengths etc. And because of Subaru engines being really wide but not very high I thought it should be quite possible to route things neatly like that. The flat six has quite a big plastic inlet manifold with space under and around it. The heat shields (well that's what Subaru call them) over the petrol injectors do conveniently hide both sets of injectors nicely. I was very happy with the installation - everything is accessible but also doesn't look like the engine has been modified at all, other than the reducer nicely tucked up at the back. I can even get Flashlube into the bottle without needing a funnel so I don't slosh it over everything. I've got a photo of the tank install somewhere, I'll post it if I can find it.

Yes, I am of the opinion that the cat failed prematurely on the Honda due to running too rich on LPG, based on what the fuel trims were doing once I'd replaced it. That was a very messy (done in a day job at some place in Leeds by the previous owner) installation - pipes draped across, plastic covers hacked or simply missing, and little thought as to access to things like spark plugs and air filter without having to cut cable ties and move LPG components out of the way.
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